Bear Dreams…

Anyone who pays any attention at all to my personal blog, it’s well known by now that when I remember my dreams, they are usually pretty crazy! Good luck trying to analyze them for sure! Nobody can say that when telling weird dream stories I’ve ever let them down! That being said, here’s the latest two dreams I had…..

March 13, 2015…I dreamt that a grizzly bear had escaped from a nearby zoo. The bear was on a mission of some sort. He had seen all of us at the house, and was running straight for us. There was a little boy whom I was trying to protect from said bear. I feel I should mention at this point of my story, that while I did in fact know the people, area. and house in the dream…they weren’t things I recognized in the real life conscience wide awake world I experience every day. I was trying to protect the little boy, while screaming for the rest of the family, who was inside the house, to find some kind of cover of weapon or something. The bear ended up chasing me and the little boy throughout the house. I immediately led him outside. I put myself between the bear and the little boy to keep the little boy from harm. I remembered that playing dead sometimes works when being chased by bears (I know, I know. It doesn’t work with all bears, but hey this is my dream not yours!) In one lightning quick movement, I grabbed the little boy and dropped to the ground covering him up with my body and laid there as still as I possibly could with my arms over my head. In the end, nobody was hurt and the bear gave up and went on his merry way down the road to find an easier pursuit.

March 16, 2015…I dreamt there was a polar bear roaming freely through a neighborhood after escaping from a zoo. Again, the polar bear found its way into a house, and it was up to me to try to save a child and alert the family inside. One of my best friends was there this time. She and I hid in a closet, while a group of guys went after the polar bear. Sadly, the polar bear was able to attack the small child, luckily though the child wasn’t killed. Shortly after attacking the child, we heard the bear get shot & killed.

I have no idea why I was dreaming about bears escaping from zoos, or why it was up to me to save the kids when there were other adults involved. I wasn’t on oxygen in these dreams. I hadn’t been watching any nature shows or movies. I hadn’t been reading any types of animal related articles anywhere. I didn’t eat anything crazy, spicy, or out of the ordinary right before going to bed.

I guess in a twisted kind of way it could be symbolic of my life in general. I escaped from verbal/mental abuse to a life where I was loved unconditionally, protected, and most of all respected because I was me and not just occasionally based on what I could do for someone else. The bear chasing me down could be the Pulmonary Hypertension. The little kid I was supposed to save was myself because if someone had fixed my initial heart condition when I was 16 or maybe younger, I wouldn’t have Pulmonary Hypertension now. This is of course all speculation. These dreams may have absolutely nothing to do with anything other than the simple fact that I like bears and kids! Who knows!

Although I am curious to see what my dreams mean sometimes, I don’t dwell on it for too long. They become amusing antidotes over time. I am always open to theories, interpretations, and analyses of course.

Until next time my friends, Live Well, Breathe Easy, and Dream Weird!


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