Random Ramblings

I’ve been wanting to write a new blog for quite a long time now. My last published blog was back in October 2015. I wrote all about my love of pens and promised a follow up post complete with writing samples and reviews, etc. Yeah, well obviously you all know that didn’t happen.  I hate to admit that it isn’t going to happen anytime soon, probably not ever. Why? Because honestly I just don’t feel like committing that much time into it.

As the title of this blog post suggests, this will be just random ramblings. It’s 2:38 AM and I can’t sleep (as is usual for me these days). I have lots of different random things going through my head. As I said, I’ve been wanting to publish a new blog post for awhile, and sadly have been at a loss for good topics. When you’re in winter hibernation, tired, and having absolutely nothing going on for months on end, that tends to happen. You run out of things to write/talk about.  So…this being the case, I figured I had to start blogging somewhere to get the writing juices flowing again! And well folks…here we are!

As you may know from previous posts, I believe in the paranormal. I have had too many personal experiences to count. I could talk about them for literally hours, maybe even days. Right now, there is a male spirit standing in my bedroom doorway staring at me. He’s been there for most of the evening/night. He doesn’t move, doesn’t try to talk to me, makes no effort to harm me or even connect with me. He just stands there looking at me. I refuse to try to talk to him. I’m trying my best to ignore him, and as you can see by this paragraph, I’m failing miserably at that one. I have no idea who he is or what he may want. I’m not scared per se, however anytime you have a random person just standing there staring at you it’s a bit unnerving. It doesn’t matter if that person is dead or alive. Ok, for some of you, a dead person would be a bit more eerie I guess. I’ve gotten so used to having spirits around me that I sometimes forget how spooky that is to some people.

Within that same topic, they recently demolished an abandoned hospital near my old hometown where I grew up. It was the hospital where I was born. It was the hospital where my biological Mom met her 2nd husband. Is it wrong that I don’t feel sentimental about this particular hospital? I had driven past it numerous times watching it slowly fall down on its own over the last few years. It sat empty of the living, and yet full of the dead. So many spirits and evil entities. Almost everyone I talk to who believes in this stuff got that freaked-out-hair-on-the-back-of-my-neck-is-standing-on-end-cold-chills kind of feeling when they drove past it. We didn’t even have to look at it. I’d see pictures and could see all the spirits that were attached to this building. I have that ability, the ability to see spirits in pictures that other people can’t see. Is it wrong that now that the building has been demolished officially, that instead of being upset about the loss of a medical facility where my family and I had history, I am instead upset about where all of these entities (both good and evil) are going to end up? Nobody went in and tried to cleanse the hospital spiritually speaking before it was demolished. I think that’s awful. Just my opinion.

I have been “collecting” pen pals since early October 2015. I put the word collecting in quotes because I’m not sure how else to say it. I found two pen pal groups (Pen Pals for Women) (Penpal all over the world ❤) on Facebook and joined them both. I was lucky enough to find some pen pals there. I also joined Swap-Bot.com, a site where you sign up for various swaps and you are assigned random partners for them. You send the required swap items, and then give and receive ratings based on how well you fulfilled those requirements. They have swaps of every time, size, and time limit. You can join a larger swap for holiday themed packages, or you can keep it simple and join email swaps where you don’t have to purchase any postage. They literally have something for everyone! I also joined a site called PostCrossing. On this site you request a random address and then you just send a postcard to whatever name and address the site gives you. You have a postcard ID (2 letters – 7 or 8 numbers) that you have to write somewhere on the postcard along with your message. It’s been fun sending and receiving postcards all over the world! Anyone who is interested in old-fashioned-snail-mail and maybe in the market for some new pen pals, please consider these sites! I highly recommend them and the Facebook groups too.

So, I have officially ended my winter hibernation! The weather was beautiful here both Thursday, March 10th, and Friday, March 11th. I got to go out and take full advantage of it! I went to a state park and took a slow leisurely walk and just enjoyed being out in the fresh air. I had to stop a handful of times to catch my breath (Damn You, PH!), in the end though I walked a total of 2 miles that day!! I still can’t believe it! My legs were very sore for 3 days afterwards, so beyond worth it though! I had the best day I’ve had in a very long time! On Friday I of course had to go for my monthly bloodwork because Heaven forbid I get to have two great days in a row without some medical appointment interrupting my good times! I went and got it done first thing in the morning, and by first thing I mean 7:30 AM, so I could have the rest of the beautiful day for fun and frolic! Well as it turned out, I ended up frolicking in Target! I hadn’t been outside my apartment (other than to go to doctors offices and to have bloodwork done) since late September 2015. I was giddy with excitement. Yes, I am a typical woman in that I love to go shopping. I love to browse. I love to find good clearance deals. And, I love to just pick things up and check them out! I was left unsupervised in both the Easter candy section and the stationery aisle. Yeah not good being that it was my first time in a store in months! I ended up with a trunkful of maxi pads (the only thing I truly needed to get), Easter candy, and notebooks and pens that I had found on clearance. Ok, maybe not a trunkful, it was at least 3 bags though! I was a very very happy girl!! In a rare occurrence, I will share a personal pic taken during my walk on Thursday! Don’t worry, I’m not as high up as it seems in this pic!


A couple weeks ago I found a few songs on sale on Amazon that were $0.99 or less. That of course meant I HAD to reorganize all of my MP3 songs because my mild OCD wouldn’t let me just throw them into a random folder. Nope! Couldn’t do it! I started to ask my pen pals to recommend groups/singers that I could check out. I even posted on Facebook asking for recommendations. I wanted to build up the Amazon MP3 wish list I had created. I have made a list of artists to check out! If you know of any that you’d like to recommend just leave a comment here! If you are going to recommend music to me, please keep in mind that I don’t like classical, punk, jazz, or rap. My favorite go-to genres are easy listening, oldies from the 1940s to the mid-1990s, some country, and pop rock!

I have also decided to check out Hulu because lately people have recommending it to me a lot. I joined to get the free one week trial just to see what it’s like. I think it’s a great site for TV shows, not sure about movies yet. I only browsed around a little. I will tell you that I am now sitting here enjoying WKRP In Cincinnati! It was one of my favorite sitcoms in the early 1980s! I loved Dr. Johnny Fever, and had a little crush on Travis at the time!

Thanks for sticking around and reading all my randomness. That’s just about everything that I’ve been up to recently. I hope that you are enjoying your 2016 so far…can’t believe it’s almost 3 months into it already! Is time really going that fast for us all, or have I become one of those little old ladies that just don’t notice how fast things are moving around you until you have to move with them. Either way, I hope you’re having a great year so far! Until next time….


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