A Rare Glimpse….

I don’t usually blog about the paranormal related stuff that happens to me. This I have to blog about though so I don’t forget about what happened in the dream I just had. I have a feeling this was a “vision” type dream (which I have only had one other time) and I think this is going to come up for me at some point in the future.

I was living a normal life, and was part of a family with a father, a mother, a brother, myself, and a sister named Jenny who had tragically passed away at a young age (late teens, early twenties not really positive). I have no idea how she died. I just know that the whole family, myself included was having a very hard time dealing with her death even long after it had happened. I had the feeling it was tragic, she was in a fatal car accident, or was murdered, something like that. We never mentioned how she died just how much she would’ve loved something, or that we missed her, etc. I never saw a picture of her so I have no idea what she looked like.

It was so weird and yet so realistic. It was like I was me knowing I was dreaming, and at the same time I was someone else living someone else’s life, feeling what they were feeling, doing what they were doing. I’ve never had that type of dream before. Somehow I just know I need to remember this because I feel very strongly that it’s going to come up for me again in the future! I’ll keep you all posted…..


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