A Rare Glimpse….

I don’t usually blog about the paranormal related stuff that happens to me. This I have to blog about though so I don’t forget about what happened in the dream I just had. I have a feeling this was a “vision” type dream (which I have only had one other time) and I think this is going to come up for me at some point in the future.

I was living a normal life, and was part of a family with a father, a mother, a brother, myself, and a sister named Jenny who had tragically passed away at a young age (late teens, early twenties not really positive). I have no idea how she died. I just know that the whole family, myself included was having a very hard time dealing with her death even long after it had happened. I had the feeling it was tragic, she was in a fatal car accident, or was murdered, something like that. We never mentioned how she died just how much she would’ve loved something, or that we missed her, etc. I never saw a picture of her so I have no idea what she looked like.

It was so weird and yet so realistic. It was like I was me knowing I was dreaming, and at the same time I was someone else living someone else’s life, feeling what they were feeling, doing what they were doing. I’ve never had that type of dream before. Somehow I just know I need to remember this because I feel very strongly that it’s going to come up for me again in the future! I’ll keep you all posted…..


TV Shows of Yesteryear Part 1

Hi all! I’ve recently made a change I never thought I would make! I cancelled my Netflix streaming account, and signed up for Hulu instead. I am so very glad that I did!! I have always missed and somewhat longed for the TV shows I used to love in my younger years. To me, the shows of today are just not the same. I don’t watch “reality” tv. Nor do I watch any of the competition shows such as Survivor, Dancing With the Stars, American Idol, and the like. Don’t get me wrong, I have watched an episode or two of all those shows just to see what all the hype was about. They just aren’t my thing. I don’t knock anyone who likes them and wants to watch them. I personally don’t get why people get mad over them, I can’t say too much though because I used to be scarily passionate about my once favorite hockey team, The Pittsburgh Penguins. To each his own and I don’t say a word about what makes others happy, mad, sad, or anything else. What someone else is their business and I have no right to tell them they are wrong. OK, I digress (I always said I wanted to be Sophia from The Golden Girls…I guess I am!)… which segues me beautifully into what this blog is supposed to be about!

Because I have been very nostalgic lately thanks to a good friend of mine, as well as my new-found love of Hulu, I have been binge watching a lot of my old time favorite TV shows. I have also been missing quite a few of my favorites that aren’t available streaming anywhere except on YouTube. I wanted to share my love of these shows with my followers! I’m hoping to gain some comments on this blog so that we can share in this trip down memory lane. I’ll be doing other blog posts similar to this one from different decades and I’m only going to list the shows I loved and always watched as often as I could! There’s just too many to make one long blog all in one night! There will be two links for each show, one that will take you to the IMDB page, and one that will take you directly to YouTube where you can watch episodes of that show. Not all shows have videos available on YouTube but I will do the best I can for you! I’m sure I won’t be able to remember all of my favorites, and maybe there are some I couldn’t or just didn’t watch that were equally great in their own right! That being said, here we go….(Please keep in mind I was born in 1975 so anything that aired before that and wasn’t being rerun, I probably won’t know about, but would love for someone to mention it in the comments section so that I can check it out!)

THE 1960s

The Andy Griffith Show (1960-1968)
Andy Griffith Show episodes
A classic favorite of mine where Andy plays a small town sheriff in Mayberry. He brings in Aunt Bee, a loving relative who takes care of the house and helps him care for his son Opie after his wife’s death. He hires Barney, who usually ends up botching whatever he does causing Andy to have to come up with creative ways to fix the problem without bruising sensitive ego! Then there’s Floyd the barber, Goober the mechanic, Helen who is Opie’s teacher and Andy’s long-term love interest in the later years, Thelma Lou who finds Barney’s clueless ways somehow charming, Howard the local town clerk who is always trying to break free of his mother’s apron strings! I could watch this show all day long! I wasn’t real fond of it after Barney left in I think it was season 6?? It just wasn’t the same after that. I also didn’t get into the Mayberry RFD show that aired after the original Andy Griffith show came to an end.

The Beverly Hillbillies (1962-1971)
Beverly Hillbillies episodes
Jed, Granny, Ellie May, Jethro, Jethrine, and Pearl all lived in the hills as they called them and loved their backwoods way of life. They hunted for their food, didn’t have or even know much about modern conveniences, and couldn’t have been happier. One day an oil company representative discovers quite a large oil source in the Clampett’s swap. Pearl convinces Jed to sign the oil company’s contract for $25 million, and then quickly convinces him to move the family to Beverly Hills so that Jethro and Ellie May can get “citified” and get a better education and find spouses. With a reluctant Granny strapped to her rocking chair in the back of their truck, off they go to Beverly Hills. Because Jed is their biggest depositor, Mr. Drysdale takes it upon himself to keep the Clampett’s happy by whatever means necessary oftentimes volunteering his secretary Miss Hathaway to do most of the work. Most of the episodes are super funny, and I still can’t believe how big those boots make Granny’s feet look! You never noticed? Take a look next time you’re watching the show! They almost remind me of clown shoes in a way!

The Twilight Zone
Twilight Zone episodes
The Twilight Zone was a great sci-fi series that touched on the unknown and sometimes feared and oftentimes slightly impossible situations and phenomena. I didn’t get into this series until my adult years, I really do enjoy it though despite not being a sci-fi kinda girl.

Bonanza (1959-1973)
Bonanza episodes
I was raised by my maternal grandfather who was a big western fan! My favorite thing to do was curl up on the couch with him and watch TV. This was one of the shows he sometimes watched, although admittedly he was a bigger fan of Gunsmoke I think. The Cartwrights were a family of ranchers who were prominent and pretty much led that part of the country keeping justice in place and keeping their neighbors and friends safe. It follows the development of the ranch, the family problems that sometimes arose, the tension between the other ranchers and the Indians who occasionally couldn’t happily co-exist, and all things that went with just living every day life in that time period.

Gunsmoke (1955-1975)
Gunsmoke episodes
Marshall Matt Dillon tries to keep peace in Dodge City along with the help of his faithful deputy Chester and later Festus, his long-time love Miss Kitty, and Doc. I personally prefer Bonanza because I like the family dynamic that isn’t present in Gunsmoke. However, Gunsmoke was still a great show that I did watch quite a bit.

Bewitched episodes
This was definitely a show I’d watch whenever I could catch it! Samantha was a witch, and Darrin was a mortal. The two fall in love and marry trying to find a happy compromise between the witch world and the mortal world. Sam’s various relatives drop in which usually causes some type of havoc or debacle. My favorite was Aunt Esmerelda and Uncle Arthur. Samantha’s mother, Endora, who absolutely hated “Derwood” would always try to make him look bad by sabotaging the ad campaigns he was working on, causing Samantha to have to step in to force her mother to make things right again just in time to save the day.

The Brady Bunch
Brady Bunch episode clips
Carol and Mike fall in love and decide to marry. They are both on their second marriage, and each have 3 children from their first marriage. At first it’s chaotic, but in the end everything smooths over and all is fine! The kids; Marcia, Greg, Jan, Peter, Cindy, and Bobby learn to adjust and eventually become like real siblings. The theme song tells the whole story and I can still sing every single word today! The whole crew blends together to make one BIG happy family which included their devoted housekeeper Alice! I went through two pages of YouTube links and couldn’t find full episodes! Sorry everyone! This link will take you to several clips of episodes though which will trigger your memory of your episodes hopefully!

OK, I’m getting very tired so I’m going to have to finish this up another time. It will be a work in progress that I will edit to add more shows another day! In the meantime, enjoy what I’ve listed so far!! Take care all!


Random Ramblings

I’ve been wanting to write a new blog for quite a long time now. My last published blog was back in October 2015. I wrote all about my love of pens and promised a follow up post complete with writing samples and reviews, etc. Yeah, well obviously you all know that didn’t happen.  I hate to admit that it isn’t going to happen anytime soon, probably not ever. Why? Because honestly I just don’t feel like committing that much time into it.

As the title of this blog post suggests, this will be just random ramblings. It’s 2:38 AM and I can’t sleep (as is usual for me these days). I have lots of different random things going through my head. As I said, I’ve been wanting to publish a new blog post for awhile, and sadly have been at a loss for good topics. When you’re in winter hibernation, tired, and having absolutely nothing going on for months on end, that tends to happen. You run out of things to write/talk about.  So…this being the case, I figured I had to start blogging somewhere to get the writing juices flowing again! And well folks…here we are!

As you may know from previous posts, I believe in the paranormal. I have had too many personal experiences to count. I could talk about them for literally hours, maybe even days. Right now, there is a male spirit standing in my bedroom doorway staring at me. He’s been there for most of the evening/night. He doesn’t move, doesn’t try to talk to me, makes no effort to harm me or even connect with me. He just stands there looking at me. I refuse to try to talk to him. I’m trying my best to ignore him, and as you can see by this paragraph, I’m failing miserably at that one. I have no idea who he is or what he may want. I’m not scared per se, however anytime you have a random person just standing there staring at you it’s a bit unnerving. It doesn’t matter if that person is dead or alive. Ok, for some of you, a dead person would be a bit more eerie I guess. I’ve gotten so used to having spirits around me that I sometimes forget how spooky that is to some people.

Within that same topic, they recently demolished an abandoned hospital near my old hometown where I grew up. It was the hospital where I was born. It was the hospital where my biological Mom met her 2nd husband. Is it wrong that I don’t feel sentimental about this particular hospital? I had driven past it numerous times watching it slowly fall down on its own over the last few years. It sat empty of the living, and yet full of the dead. So many spirits and evil entities. Almost everyone I talk to who believes in this stuff got that freaked-out-hair-on-the-back-of-my-neck-is-standing-on-end-cold-chills kind of feeling when they drove past it. We didn’t even have to look at it. I’d see pictures and could see all the spirits that were attached to this building. I have that ability, the ability to see spirits in pictures that other people can’t see. Is it wrong that now that the building has been demolished officially, that instead of being upset about the loss of a medical facility where my family and I had history, I am instead upset about where all of these entities (both good and evil) are going to end up? Nobody went in and tried to cleanse the hospital spiritually speaking before it was demolished. I think that’s awful. Just my opinion.

I have been “collecting” pen pals since early October 2015. I put the word collecting in quotes because I’m not sure how else to say it. I found two pen pal groups (Pen Pals for Women) (Penpal all over the world ❤) on Facebook and joined them both. I was lucky enough to find some pen pals there. I also joined Swap-Bot.com, a site where you sign up for various swaps and you are assigned random partners for them. You send the required swap items, and then give and receive ratings based on how well you fulfilled those requirements. They have swaps of every time, size, and time limit. You can join a larger swap for holiday themed packages, or you can keep it simple and join email swaps where you don’t have to purchase any postage. They literally have something for everyone! I also joined a site called PostCrossing. On this site you request a random address and then you just send a postcard to whatever name and address the site gives you. You have a postcard ID (2 letters – 7 or 8 numbers) that you have to write somewhere on the postcard along with your message. It’s been fun sending and receiving postcards all over the world! Anyone who is interested in old-fashioned-snail-mail and maybe in the market for some new pen pals, please consider these sites! I highly recommend them and the Facebook groups too.

So, I have officially ended my winter hibernation! The weather was beautiful here both Thursday, March 10th, and Friday, March 11th. I got to go out and take full advantage of it! I went to a state park and took a slow leisurely walk and just enjoyed being out in the fresh air. I had to stop a handful of times to catch my breath (Damn You, PH!), in the end though I walked a total of 2 miles that day!! I still can’t believe it! My legs were very sore for 3 days afterwards, so beyond worth it though! I had the best day I’ve had in a very long time! On Friday I of course had to go for my monthly bloodwork because Heaven forbid I get to have two great days in a row without some medical appointment interrupting my good times! I went and got it done first thing in the morning, and by first thing I mean 7:30 AM, so I could have the rest of the beautiful day for fun and frolic! Well as it turned out, I ended up frolicking in Target! I hadn’t been outside my apartment (other than to go to doctors offices and to have bloodwork done) since late September 2015. I was giddy with excitement. Yes, I am a typical woman in that I love to go shopping. I love to browse. I love to find good clearance deals. And, I love to just pick things up and check them out! I was left unsupervised in both the Easter candy section and the stationery aisle. Yeah not good being that it was my first time in a store in months! I ended up with a trunkful of maxi pads (the only thing I truly needed to get), Easter candy, and notebooks and pens that I had found on clearance. Ok, maybe not a trunkful, it was at least 3 bags though! I was a very very happy girl!! In a rare occurrence, I will share a personal pic taken during my walk on Thursday! Don’t worry, I’m not as high up as it seems in this pic!


A couple weeks ago I found a few songs on sale on Amazon that were $0.99 or less. That of course meant I HAD to reorganize all of my MP3 songs because my mild OCD wouldn’t let me just throw them into a random folder. Nope! Couldn’t do it! I started to ask my pen pals to recommend groups/singers that I could check out. I even posted on Facebook asking for recommendations. I wanted to build up the Amazon MP3 wish list I had created. I have made a list of artists to check out! If you know of any that you’d like to recommend just leave a comment here! If you are going to recommend music to me, please keep in mind that I don’t like classical, punk, jazz, or rap. My favorite go-to genres are easy listening, oldies from the 1940s to the mid-1990s, some country, and pop rock!

I have also decided to check out Hulu because lately people have recommending it to me a lot. I joined to get the free one week trial just to see what it’s like. I think it’s a great site for TV shows, not sure about movies yet. I only browsed around a little. I will tell you that I am now sitting here enjoying WKRP In Cincinnati! It was one of my favorite sitcoms in the early 1980s! I loved Dr. Johnny Fever, and had a little crush on Travis at the time!

Thanks for sticking around and reading all my randomness. That’s just about everything that I’ve been up to recently. I hope that you are enjoying your 2016 so far…can’t believe it’s almost 3 months into it already! Is time really going that fast for us all, or have I become one of those little old ladies that just don’t notice how fast things are moving around you until you have to move with them. Either way, I hope you’re having a great year so far! Until next time….

Bear Dreams…

Anyone who pays any attention at all to my personal blog, it’s well known by now that when I remember my dreams, they are usually pretty crazy! Good luck trying to analyze them for sure! Nobody can say that when telling weird dream stories I’ve ever let them down! That being said, here’s the latest two dreams I had…..

March 13, 2015…I dreamt that a grizzly bear had escaped from a nearby zoo. The bear was on a mission of some sort. He had seen all of us at the house, and was running straight for us. There was a little boy whom I was trying to protect from said bear. I feel I should mention at this point of my story, that while I did in fact know the people, area. and house in the dream…they weren’t things I recognized in the real life conscience wide awake world I experience every day. I was trying to protect the little boy, while screaming for the rest of the family, who was inside the house, to find some kind of cover of weapon or something. The bear ended up chasing me and the little boy throughout the house. I immediately led him outside. I put myself between the bear and the little boy to keep the little boy from harm. I remembered that playing dead sometimes works when being chased by bears (I know, I know. It doesn’t work with all bears, but hey this is my dream not yours!) In one lightning quick movement, I grabbed the little boy and dropped to the ground covering him up with my body and laid there as still as I possibly could with my arms over my head. In the end, nobody was hurt and the bear gave up and went on his merry way down the road to find an easier pursuit.

March 16, 2015…I dreamt there was a polar bear roaming freely through a neighborhood after escaping from a zoo. Again, the polar bear found its way into a house, and it was up to me to try to save a child and alert the family inside. One of my best friends was there this time. She and I hid in a closet, while a group of guys went after the polar bear. Sadly, the polar bear was able to attack the small child, luckily though the child wasn’t killed. Shortly after attacking the child, we heard the bear get shot & killed.

I have no idea why I was dreaming about bears escaping from zoos, or why it was up to me to save the kids when there were other adults involved. I wasn’t on oxygen in these dreams. I hadn’t been watching any nature shows or movies. I hadn’t been reading any types of animal related articles anywhere. I didn’t eat anything crazy, spicy, or out of the ordinary right before going to bed.

I guess in a twisted kind of way it could be symbolic of my life in general. I escaped from verbal/mental abuse to a life where I was loved unconditionally, protected, and most of all respected because I was me and not just occasionally based on what I could do for someone else. The bear chasing me down could be the Pulmonary Hypertension. The little kid I was supposed to save was myself because if someone had fixed my initial heart condition when I was 16 or maybe younger, I wouldn’t have Pulmonary Hypertension now. This is of course all speculation. These dreams may have absolutely nothing to do with anything other than the simple fact that I like bears and kids! Who knows!

Although I am curious to see what my dreams mean sometimes, I don’t dwell on it for too long. They become amusing antidotes over time. I am always open to theories, interpretations, and analyses of course.

Until next time my friends, Live Well, Breathe Easy, and Dream Weird!

Setbacks, Comebacks, and Fundraising

Corcoran Sandy - Dine  Donate

I’ve had to start fundraising to help pay for transplant-related expenses (directly caused by my Pulmonary Hypertension, PDA, and Eisenmenger’s Syndrome) that my insurance won’t cover. For those of you familiar with Medicare, you know that Medicare has been cutting what they pay for and how much they pay for the services still covered. Because of this I’m forced to do fundraising to help make ends meet. It’s not my favorite thing to do, however you do what you have to do.

That being said, there’s a restaurant in North Huntingdon, PA (where I grew up and spent the first 29 years of my life) called Arena Sports Grille. The owner of this great restaurant has agreed to donate 15% of the proceedings for an entire week to my Fund being overseen by HelpHOPELive. The event is being held from the time the restaurant opens on Saturday, May 24th all the way through until they close on Sunday, May 30th!!

I don’t ask for anything from my blog followers. I’m asking for something now though. Please share my health-related Facebook page, or this blog with everyone you can. People in the North Huntingdon area the week of May 24th to May 30th can enjoy good food and donate to my fund to help pay for transplant-related expenses at the same time! It’s a win-win situation for everyone! I personally will be there Tuesday night, May 26th with some of my long-time friends.

Ok to explain my latest health setback. Most PH patients end up having to take a diuretic within the first year of being officially diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertenstion. I, however, being the medical Wonder Woman I am, have avoided it for 19+ years….that is until about a month ago. I was in North Huntingdon visiting old friends and family. One night after having dinner with a very dear friend, I realized I had some severe swelling in both feet, both ankles, and both calves, with the swelling in my left leg being much worse than my right. Edema in a PH  patient with 2 heart conditions is dangerous and never a good sign. Because it was a Saturday night, I had to wait until Monday morning to call my Cardiologist. By Tuesday afternoon I was put on Furosemide (the generic form of Lasix). I was also told to start a low sodium diet and to check my weight every single day. Eventhough I only weighed 105 lbs., I was told my Doc wanted me to lose a few lbs to make things easier on my heart. Welcome to the latest setback, Sandye!!

A PH patient’s life is like a roller coaster. When you’re first diagnosed it’s a slow scary tough uphill climb. Everything is new and you don’t understand anything at all. You have to learn so much about so many different things, none of which you ever wanted to know about. Then after trying different medication therapies, going through an enormous amount of doctors appointments, blood draws, and doctors visits, you finally overcome the first setback and find the game plan that works best for you at the time. That’s the dramatic pause at the top of the hill. This dramatic pause can last days, weeks, or years. Nobody knows or can predict how long it will be. You enjoy that dramatic pause for as long as you have it though! You cherish every single moment. You don’t take one single breath for granted. Then, you wake up one morning to find your screaming, going downhill at unimaginable speeds only to bottom out and have to start with medication adjustments, testing, bloodwork, and doctor visits all over again. It’s all ups and downs that never end.

Pulmonary Hypertension is incurable, unpredictable, and luckily also manageable. However, in the end, the only way to save the life of a PH patient is for them to have a transplant. I was diagnosed and put on the list for a double-lung transplant on February 2, 1996. I’m still waiting for that transplant.

As of right now, with the help of a wonderful Cardiologist, and my strength and determination, I’ve been following my new game plan for about 3 1/2 weeks now. I’ve lost 3 pounds. I’ve managed to avoid having any swelling in my legs for that same length of time! Welcome to your new dramatic pause, Sandye! Way to go! (Yes I give myself kudos because this is a rough road and I have to do something to keep up my bravery!)

I thank you all for joining me on this journey!! I also thank you ahead of time for sharing my pages and blogs and helping spread the word! I appreciate it more than words can say!

Live Well & Breathe Easy everyone!

Feet, Lungs, & Frustrations

About a week ago I had some major swelling in my ankels/feet/calves. Every single time I’m at the doctor’s (no matter what doctor or why I’m there), they check for this. It’s a major problem for PH patients. I have never had it until Saturday night, April 18th. I called my Cardiologist first thing Monday morning. Of course, the head nurse/PA (not sure exactly what her official title is) was off that day. She called me back first thing Tuesday morning and we talked. After answering her questions, and her showing the Doc my pictures that I sent (yes I took a pic of my swollen ankles Sunday morning) and talking to him, she told me to monitor everything and keep a journal of it all. She also advised me to go on a low-sodium diet (below 3000 mg a day). I’ve been journaling everything from how my breathing was, the weather conditions (because the weather does effect PH patients), swelling if there was any, and my sodium intake for the day. I’ve been doing pretty good. Since that Tuesday morning which would’ve been April 21st, I’ve only been close to the 3000 mg a day limit once. I’ve managed to keep it under 2000 mg a day for the most part (which isn’t as easy as you might think). I had a miniscule amount of swelling one day so far, and then again last night I had a little swelling on the outer side of my left ankle. Otherwise the swelling has been non-existent.

Now, I will put it out there that for the entire winter (from October until about a week or two ago) I’ve pretty much been doing nothing at all. Yes it’s my own fault. Yes I know it wasn’t my smartest idea. I just couldn’t push myself to get up and move around this winter. I was exhausted every single day. I was sick with a sinus infection for 3 weeks in January despite trying to avoid people at all costs. Enough excuses though, I should’ve been getting up and moving around and I didn’t and it’s my own fault. Anyway, now my breathing is of course not as good as it should be because of my not exercising throughout the winter. I knew this was going to happen. I expected it. I am not surprised at all by it. Every other year I’ve been able to build myself back up in about a month or so. Granted I just started out going out more and being more active in the last 2 weeks so I’m not expecting instant miracles here (although if God is paying attention to this, I’d greatly appreciate one right now, although I understand if it doesn’t happen because you’ve got far worse things to oversee right now). Yesterday it was warmer than it has been in a long time. Inside my apartment it was really humid so I turned on the AC to cool things off and decrease the humidity. I also went over to my future In-Law’s house. While it wasn’t nearly as humid over there as it was in my apartment, it was slightly humid as well. The point I’m not-so-quickly getting to is that the humidity made breathing difficult to say the least. Everything I tried to do was twice as hard as it should’ve been.

I got back to my place last night and I had swelling still in the outside of my left ankle. Both of my legs from the knees down to my feet felt very heavy and stiff, like they were hard to move eventhough I was standing and walking without any problem. It was strange. I’ve never experienced that before. Needless to say I called my Cardiologist’s office again today. I left a voicemail and am waiting to hear back from them. I have no idea what they will do or say. I have no idea what testing beyond an echocardiogram may be in my future. I just know I’m going to try to face the situation with the same dignity, bravery, and intelligence that I usually do. I will be scared because I know it’s ok to be. I will not let that fear keep me from doing what needs to be done.

That’s where that stands, and now I would like to address a personal issue that is health-related also, but that has been coming up more and more in the last few days. I have had a few different people say things to me such as, “You look really pale today. You’re not doing well are you?” or “You look really tired.” or “How’s your health? You look worn out”. OK let me clear a few things up here and now:

1. Please STOP telling me how tired, worn out, and run down I look. I have a mirror. I know how I look. I don’t sleep well at night. I struggle to breathe every day. Of course I’m not going to look well-rested. What do you expect????

2. Please STOP telling me how pale I look. I have a mirror. I know how I look. I’m a little white Irish girl with 2 heart conditions and bad lungs. I’m not going to have normal coloring. It won’t happen. I was pale before I got PH in 1996. Why do you suddenly think that getting PH and PHighting for survival for 19+ years is going to make me look better? It’s not. So stop expecting it.

3. I know you say these things because you care about me, love me, and are worried about me. I’m worried about me too. I’m scared too. I love you for caring and worrying. I truly do. However, please keep in mind that hearing you all say these things to me only makes me worry more. It makes me more scared. It makes me want to crawl in a cave and give up. I will never do that because it’s just not my style. Please realize though that I love you and I understand your worry. Saying things like that to me, isn’t going to make me feel any better. It’s not going to make the situation go away or suddenly get better. I know I look bad. I see it every day. I live it every day. It’s me. This is my reality for right now. Let me deal with it the way I have to deal with it. It’s not your body. It’s not your life. It’s not your PHight. You can stand in my corner and root me on all you want and I’ll love you even more for doing that if you’re so inclined. If you’re going to point out the negativity of the situation though, please find another corner. I just don’t need to hear that right now. I say this with as much love and respect as I possibly can.  Thank you for understanding, and if you don’t understand my feelings at least respect them! That’s all I’m asking. If you can’t do that, then find your own journey to walk, and leave the rest of us to navigate through mine with courage, positive thinking, and prayers.

I promise I am not sitting back and ignoring the situation. I’ve been in contact with my Doctor’s office 3 times in the last week. I’m on top of things and will continue to be until we find a solution, or until we improve things to the point where I can live with them if no solution can be found.


My Wednesday Feels Like a Crappy Monday…

everyone looks like a pinata

Because I appreciate my blog followers, I will give you fair warning that this is going to be a venting blog. I try to stay positive and upbeat as much as I can. We all have those days though where you just need to get the negativity out of your system. Yes this is one of those days for me.

Let me start by explaining that my sleep schedule has been messed up since early January. I was sick for 3 weeks and because of scheduling issues with my antibiotics my general Doc prescribed, and the regular meds I take daily, I ended up having to take stuff at 2 AM to be able to safely fit it all in for the day. Needless to say, after 3 weeks of that my days and nights ended up being reversed.

Yesterday for whatever reason I was super tired. I laid down at 2 in the afternoon. I woke up for literally less than a minute at around 5 PM and then immediately fell back to sleep. I didn’t get up til 10 PM, and was disoriented for a few minutes. I was awake til 1 AM then slept til 3 AM. I fell back to sleep at 5 AM and didn’t wake up until a close friend walked into my apartment asking if I was ready to go have my bloodwork drawn, and that they were double parked. I had completely forgotten I was supposed to go for bloodwork this morning. I never set my alarm. That was the first thing I was aggravated about.

I’m rushing around getting ready which of course wasn’t good at all. I was so out of breath I actually got dizzy and that was with my oxygen on. I got to the outpatient lab and as she’s pulling the empty vials she’ll need for my tests, she tells me that my scripts are expired and that she shouldn’t even draw any of them. She did anyway because she knows me and I assured her that I had just gotten new scripts in either December or January, and that they should be good until the end of April. Bloodwork scripts are good for 6 months for those of you who don’t know that. I’m not sure if that’s just in the state of Pennsylvania, or if that’s everywhere in the United States. I went to the front registration desk when I was finished and asked her if she had copies of my updated scripts on file. She did and she checked the dates and I was good to go for all 4 tests, although 1 of them will be expiring in about 9 days. I didn’t bother to go tell the phlebotomist that the scripts were good, I figured they’d all go through the lab without a problem. That was aggravation number 2.

I get back to my apartment and turn on my laptop. I log in to the email address I use for all of my health related correspondence. My intention was to email the nurse that handles sending me updated scripts when I need them. Before I could do that, I see that there’s an email from my oxygen company saying my current billing statement was available and payment was due by April 23rd. I shouldn’t be receiving any bill from them at all. I was instantly and most thoroughly ticked off. I picked up the phone and called both of my insurance companies. After speaking with them both, it was made clear to me that I have no patient responsibility for either date of service the oxygen company was billing me for. I called the billing department at the oxygen company. Naturally I was on hold for over 30 minutes. When someone finally did answer the call, I explained to her what was going on. I also explained that I had spoken with both of my insurance providers and that according to them I didn’t owe anything at all for either date of service. She immediately told me that what was billed to the insurances and what the insurances paid were two different amounts and she had no idea why. I didn’t have the time or energy to explain to her how insurance works. Basically that’s her job to know that and I stopped doing other peoples’ work for them years ago. She told me that she was refiling the charges into the Insurance Responsibility category (I think that’s what she called it) and out of the patient responsibility category until a review is done. My account with the oxygen company is now back to a $0 balance pending the review outcome. My theory is she realized the oxygen company was wrong and this was her way of covering it up. My other theory is that they are going to try to think of another reason why I owe them money and send yet another false bill for these charges once their so-called review is completed. Either way, they’ve awakened my angry side and if I continue to get charged for things I don’t owe, I will be consulting an attorney because I refuse to just sit back and take this from any company. That was aggravation number 3 and by far the biggest one of the day.

So today, I’ve completely had it. I will not solve any other problems no matter what they are or who is involved. I know I’m the given unlicensed therapist to a lot of people out there, but listen, I’m done today. D-O-N-E! Get it? If you’re under 21 and have a problem, call a parent or grandparent or guardian. If you’re over 21 and have a problem, you’re an adult suck it up and fix it yourself, don’t come to me with it. I won’t care today. I just simply won’t care.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish anyone any harm. I don’t wish anyone any ill will whatsoever. I will never physically or verbally hurt anyone no matter what. I’m just a frustrated woman who had to deal with problems today that should’ve never been problems in the first place. It’s as simple as that. Venting over! I feel much better now. Thank you for hanging in ’til the end!

Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness


It’s no big secret that I have Pulmonary Hypertension. I want to share with you my story. I also want to share some links to some sites. Some of the sites were created for myself to bring my situation out into the open. Some of the site pages were created and published by an amazing group called Pulmonary Hypertension Association. These people have done more for those of us suffering with this disease than anyone I know. In some cases, they’ve even done more than some of the doctors we’ve seen when first seeking a diagnosis. I have a strong feeling this blog is going to be a lot longer than I initially intended for it to be. If you’re willing to stick with it until the end though, I appreciate it! Do you have your snack and beverage of choice all ready? Ok, then! Here we go:

I was born with a hole in my heart. Some refer to this as a heart murmur, or thrill. The technical term is Patent Ductus Arteriosus or PDA. A thrill as best as I understand it is the sound a doctor hears through the stethoscope when the blood being pumped from the left side of the heart into the right side of the heart, backflows into the left side again. In other words (because I realize as I typed that it sounded a little confusing), when your heart beats it pumps blood from left to right, the same as you read and write. With someone that has a PDA though, you often get some of the blood flowing back into the left side of the heart which causes a definite sound or “thrill” that doctors can hear during any exam. Apparently my “thrill” is so loud that it’s rare. Imagine being 21, having a young not-at-all-ugly male intern walk into your hospital room, stethoscope in hand, saying he came to look for your thrill! This of course happened before anyone explained to me what a “thrill” technically was! No wonder he pulled back so fast. My face must’ve had quite the horrified look on it. Luckily I have a good sense of humor and once he explained to me what it was, I told him I hoped it was good as he expected it to be!! Nothing like a little light-hearted flirting to ease an awkward situation! Anyway, I digress a little… Every doctor I’ve ever seen knew about the PDA. For whatever reason, unbeknownst to me of course, none of them ever really looked into it beyond the general physical exams every child gets. No testing. No bloodwork. Nothing. Just listen to my heart and lungs, and send me on my way. My pediatrician would ask about it and I guess the people in charge of my care at the time didn’t realize what was really going on. I would get out of breath faster than other kids, I recovered very quickly though. I wasn’t an outdoorsy, running around kind of kid. I was happy with my crayons, Barbie dolls, and Leggos (which I got from a close friend). I didn’t run anywhere, ever. I didn’t ride bikes. That just wasn’t me. I figured because I barely ate enough to keep a bird alive, and wasn’t overly active that I was just out of shape. I knew I had a heart condition and my gym teacher(s) was always content to let me “sit this one out” for a minute or two when I needed to. No big deal. As it turns out it was a big deal…a very big deal. When I was 11 my pediatrician finally decided it was time to find out what the PDA was all about. He sent me to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh for a left/right heart catherization.

I was admitted to Childrens, and the test was to be early the next morning. I didn’t sleep all night. I was scared both of what was going to be done during the test (as I’d never had anything other than a booster shot before this), and what they may find during the test. To top it off they were wheeling me out of my hospital room to prepare me for the cath and none of my family were there yet. I was half way out of my hospital room when I saw the one person who meant everything in the world to me walking quickly down the hall! He had made it after all. He grabbed my hand, told me I’d be alright and he’d see me when I was all done. They wheeled me into the heart lab and I was relieved to find out they were going to let me keep my favorite stuffed toy (a grey Pound Puppy that I of course named Fred) with me during the cath. After starting an IV, and giving me 3 or 4 shots of local numbing stuff (not sure now exactly what it was), I felt the doctor making the two small incisions near my groin area where my thigh met the bottom of my hip. I still have the scars today! It didn’t hurt. I just felt pressure. I could see my insides on the monitor that the doc was using as he fed the tiny camera up through my vein. Talk about being more than slightly freaked out!! During the test they injected dye into the tube. Also during the test a couple different times, they put a clear plastic box over my head for a few minutes. They wanted to purposely make it difficult for me to breathe so they could see how it effected my heart and the bloodflow. It’s definitely the weirdest sensation I’ve ever felt to have a small tube being fed up through my vein all the way to my heart. Yes most of the time you’re supposed to be “knocked out” for this test or at least in that “twilight” state of not quite awake and not quite asleep. I wasn’t. They didn’t knock me out because they were afraid of complications from the anesthesia with not knowing yet exactly what was going on with the PDA. So, the doctor does the cath and finishes up and stitches the incisions closed. I then sat in my hospital room with my childhood Hero for a few hours. They had sandbags sitting on my leg to make sure bloodclots didn’t form and to make sure also that the bleeding didn’t start up again. During this time, they (I’m assuming the doctor performing the test and the lab techs that read it afterwards) talked to my GrandpaDad outside in the hallway with my hospital door closed. I never have known exactly what was said between them. I was later told that it was too risky to close the PDA (this was in 1986) and that it should eventually close on its own and I should be fine. Scary test, great outcome, over and done with. I was getting dressed to go home and I started to get sick to my stomach. That’s how I found out I was allergic to the contrast dye they used. They use the dye to see exactly where the blood is flowing as the heart pumps. I was sick to my stomach and back in the bed for another overnight stay. I got to finally go home the next morning and I had two small badges of honor to take with me as a memento. Unfortunately you couldn’t see them unless I was wearing a bathing suit, I didn’t care though!

I went through the next 9 years as any normal child/teenager does. I went to school, didn’t get the grades I could’ve, I did alright though. I graduated in 1992 at the age of 17. Immediately after graduating, I got my first job at a local amusement park. Everything remained the same. I started at Westmoreland County Community College in the fall of 1992. I was working towards an Associates Degree in Small Business Management. I was going to college full time, and I was working at a local clothing store full time as well. In 1995 I had about 8 college classes left to take before I earned my degree. I had changed jobs and was working at the local WalMart store in Greensburg. I started that job in September 1995. Little did I know that by early January of the following year, I’d never work anywhere for a long, long time and would have to quit school.

It was December 1995, just before Christmas Day and I woke up with a horrible cold. I couldn’t breathe and couldn’t stop coughing. I figured with being in school and working full time, I was exposed to any number of colds, sinus infections, etc. I didn’t think anything of it. I woke up one day I think it was December 20th and I couldn’t walk from the second floor of my house down to the main floor. I had just woken up and was going downstairs to do my usual morning stuff and get some breakfast. I was still really sick with whatever it was I had. I got to the bottom of a flight of 8 steps and I had to sit down on the bottom step. I was literally so out of breath that my lips and fingernails were blue. I was huffing and puffing like a freight train and couldn’t catch my breath. I was dizzy and even sitting still I couldn’t get everything around me to stop spinning. I managed to get through the morning and call my family doc for an appointment. I saw him and needless to say he wasn’t so quick to dismiss what was going on. He did some pulmonary function tests to check for asthma. They were negative. He, much like myself, figured it was the chest cold I had and he put me on antibiotics for it. I was on break from school since the spring semester didn’t start until March. I was trying to force my way through my work schedule, and ended up going home almost as soon as my shift started every single day. I finished my antibiotics. I still had the worst time breathing, although the rest of the cold symptoms were now gone. I went back to the doctors on January 5th, 1996. He gave me a note that put me off work and school until we could figure out what was going on and get it fixed. I had some bloodwork done for him, and he recommended that I go see a Cardiologist to have the PDA checked again.

I saw Dr. Chandra Polam in his office around January 18, 1996. He did an EKG in his office and clearly saw something he didn’t like. He also listened to my heart, obviously hearing the loud thrill that was there as well. On January 24th, 1996 he performed a left/right heart catherization at St. Francis Medical Center.  This time I had just turned 21 a couple weeks prior to this. So much for going out and celebrating that milestone! There were several med students behind a screen watching the test as it was performed. I’m a great learning patient. Interns will see things with me that they may never see again in their entire medical career. Later that evening, as I was laying in bed talking to a very kind nurse, with sandbags on my leg wondering how I was going to go to the bathroom (because I couldn’t bend my leg and couldn’t walk on it so it was quite a conundrum), Dr. Polam came in and told my family member and I that the right side of my heart was enlarged, and that he thought I needed to have a heart transplant.

On January 26, 1996, I was transferred by ambulance to Presby Hospital in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh. Between the dates of January 26th and February 2nd, 1996 I was poked, prodded, questioned, examined, and had more blood drawn out of me than I even knew I had. At 8:14 AM on February 2, 1996 a woman walked into my hospital room to tell me I was finally going home. She said that she was a Transplant Coordinator (her official job title) and also told me that I needed to have a double-lung transplant. Apparently after having a meeting with several specialists, doctors, lab techs, and hospital officials, I was indeed put on the organ donor waiting list for just that. I was also set up with oxygen, which I am on 24/7/365 no matter what I’m doing. My world turned upside down in that moment and Groundhog Day would never ever mean the same thing to me. The official diagnoses were, the PDA (which we already knew about), Eisenmenger’s Syndrome, and Primary Pulmonary Hypertension or PPH. PPH is basically high blood pressure in the arteries of the lungs. There I was, recently turned 21. I couldn’t work. I couldn’t finish the 4 classes I had left to get my degree. I had student loans and no income. I couldn’t even get off the couch in the living room. I lived on that couch for a full year. I couldn’t bathe myself. I couldn’t walk 10 feet without having to stop and catch my breath. It was horribly scary. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. If I did go out anywhere, it was in a wheelchair. I hated every single second of it.

In February 1997, I finally had enough of that life. I woke up one morning and decided that if I was on my to Heaven, I wasn’t going to die in a wheelchair or laying on that couch. I got up several times a day and forced myself to walk no matter how much it hurt (my lungs would burn I’d get so out of breath), and no matter how tired I got. I walked a little further every few days. In March 1997 I walked down the flight of steps to get to the garage. I got in the car all by myself. I drove to my good friend’s house (about 10 minutes away) all by myself. I walked into her house all by myself without even having my wheelchair with me. That was the end of my couch living. I’ve been unstoppable ever since.

  • Do I still get out of breath? Absolutely.
  • Are there still limitations to what I can do? You bet!
  • Am I still in need of that double-lung transplant 19+ years later? Yes!
  • Do I let this incurable disease control me? Not if I can help it.
  • Did I ever finish college and get that Associates Degree? Yes. They offered online classes and I did wonderfully in them!
  • Can I still do a lot of the things I enjoy doing? Yes, if there’s a will there’s a way. It’s all about adaptation.
  • Can I run? No way. Do I want to run? No so it doesn’t matter!
  • Can I ride roller coasters? No. I hate them so that doesn’t matter either!
  • Can I plant flowers and vegetables? Technically no. I’ve done it though. I put on latex gloves, and a longer pair of gardening gloves over them, with a long-sleeved t-shirt and just worked slowly and within my limitations.

You see,  it’s all about how you look at things. You make your life what it is. If it’s not what you want it to be, change it. If you can’t change it completely, adapt it to make it more than what it currently is. Don’t sit around with a “woe is me” attitude expecting everyone to feel sorry for you. They will for a short time, then they’ll get sick of hearing it. Who can blame them? I get sick of dealing with it myself, so I can only imagine what it would be like if I were to focus on all the negatives. If I was asked to offer two words of advice to any other PH patients? BE BRAVE!

There are several pages on the PHAssociation website that have great information about Pulmonary Hypertension. It’s an excellent learning source. They have started a campaign called PHAware! They are trying to get the word out about PH so they can raise money to do research and hopefully some day find a cure. Right now the PH patients’ only hope are medicinal therapies and transplantation. The average life expectancy is only 2.8 years without treatment. What is the life expectancy with treatment? Nobody can give a definitive answer about that one. That’s not nearly good enough! I’m honored to join forces with other PHighters and work on getting that life expectancy a lot higher! We’re worth having a chance at life just like any other person.

They also have a YouTube channel where you can watch videos and learn more about Pulmonary Hypertension.

You can also visit their Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter using the hashtag #PHAware.

That being said, the cost of the medicines, insurance copays, and medical supplies are astronomical. This is where I ask you kindly to visit my patient page on my fundraiser website. There is a nonprofit organization called helpHOPElive that has started a fund in my honor. All money donated is tax-deductible. I cannot use that money for anything that is not transplant related. They get the money dontated in my name and place it in my personal fund under their watchful eye. When I receive a medical bill that’s transplant-related I turn it into them and they pay it using the money in my fund.

No matter whether you donate to my fund or not, I appreciate your sticking with me through my PHight and hope that you’ll be willing to share information about this disease. I have a Facebook page dedicated to PH and my personal PHight. We need to raise awareness. Nobody knows about it and it’s so often misdiagnosed. It only costs a little bit of time to retweet, share on Facebook, or if you’re so inclined to share this blog. I greatly appreciate everyone who is now, was since the beginning, and will join me in the future. It’s all of you that help keep me going! Well you and some pretty awesome doctors!! Thank you, Dr. Dennis McNamara! You and Diane ROCK!!

I will still do general blogs filled with my “Nonsensical Meanderings”. I will now add to those blogs about my personal PHight with PPH, occasionally sharing facts and statistics with you so that you can better understand what I and all the other PHighters out there face! Again, thanks for being in my corner! I appreciate you all! Don’t forget…. Laugh A Lot, Live Well, and Breathe Easy!!

Blue Lip Kiss Challenge


First, I have to say it’s been over a year since I’ve blogged about anything at all. Just goes to show how absolutely boring and gratefully uneventful my life has become. I’ve beat the winter blues once more. My days and nights have gotten completely reversed, so I can’t sleep at night, and instead finally doze off around 9 AM and sleep the day away accomplishing nothing at all. Now, for the important stuff and the reason for this particular blog….

If you’ve followed my blog and have read some of my earlier posts, you know I’m waiting for a double-lung transplant. If you’re new to my blog or haven’t read earlier posts, then let me give you just a brief background as to why this Challenge is so important to me.

The purpose of the challenge is to raise awareness for Pulmonary Hypertension. PH is a disease that has no cure currently. It’s a disease that’s difficult to diagnose, and is often misdiagnosed as a few different things in almost every patient. It took from January 24, 1996 until February 2, 1996 to diagnose me, and I’m extremely lucky it was that quickly discovered. There are PH patients that have gone through testing and treatments for various illness (asthma, COPD, etc) for 2 or 3 years before their PH is properly diagnosed. While there are medications available that help improve the quality of life of a PH patient, there is only one long-term fix and that’s to have a transplant, and address/eliminate the factor that caused the PH whenever possible.

As for me personally, I turned 40 on January 9, 2015. I’m on oxygen 24/7/365 no matter what I’m doing. I was diagnosed with a PDA, Patent Ductus Arteriosis (a hole in my heart) when I was born. It was never properly monitored, nor was it ever fixed. This PDA, then led to further complications. The second thing I was diagnosed with was Eisenmenger’s Syndrome (right heart failure where the right side of the heart becomes enlarged and pumps too much blood into my lungs). The third and by far most devastating diagnosis I received was that of Primary Pulmonary Hypertension or PPH (a hardening and cracking of the viens/arteries carrying blood into the lungs which causes high blood pressure in the lungs). The last of the 2 diagnoses came officially on February 2, 1996. I have been on oxygen, waiting for a double-lung transplant ever since. Yes I still have the PDA. Yes I still have Eisenmenger’s Syndrome, and PPH. Yes, I’m still waiting for my transplant all these years later. There is no cure for PH. There are meds that I’ve been put on (and every PH patient has at least 2 meds they’re on) that help lower the blood pressure in my lungs. That’s more than enough of a synopsis so that you can fully grasp why the Blue Lip Kiss Challenge is so important to me.

I follow the Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness page on Facebook. I am a member of this group and am honored to be one. They provide awareness materials and help to so many of us dealing with this horrible disease. They posted a link to their Facebook page and I thought I’d check it out. I’m very glad that I did.  A brave young lady came up with a fun, unique way to raise awareness for PH. I admire her and immediately accepted her challenge. I am now extending this challenge to all of you who follow my blog.

This young lady uploaded a YouTube video explaining what the challenge is. It’s only 2:20 long, please take a moment to watch it.

Cordelia Skuldt’s Blue Lip Challenge

As I mentioned before, there is also a Facebook page for the challenge!

The Blue Lip Kiss Challenge Facebook Page 

Please join Cordelia in this challenge! As you can see by my picture I posted here (as well as on Twitter, Facebook, and my personal fundraiser page) I have accepted Cordelia’s challenge. You can create your own blue lips any way you want to. Get creative with it. Cordelia gives some great suggestions in her video! I chose to paste my photo into a blank Windows Paint screen, then use the crayon feature to “color” my lips blue! And yes that is really me in that picture. Yes it’s real oxygen, and yes I’m able to drive while wearing it. I wasn’t driving when I took that picture. I was in a parking lot, safely parked, and the keys weren’t even in the ignition. I was getting ready to leave the parking lot and took the picture before I even started the car’s engine. Just wanted to clarify that.

For those of you who do accept this challenge and proudly post your blue lip pictures throughout the social media world, I thank you with all my heart! Live Well and Breathe Easy!  #PhAware #bluelipkiss

2 Crazy Dreams for the price of 1…

I feel the need to start this blog by saying that because this blog is public, I will do my best to respect everyone’s privacy. Therefore, I will not be mentioning people by name, instead I will find a general nickname or use initials, etc. This way my readers will be able to easily follow the story and nobody will have to crawl into a hole and die alone from embarassment or humiliation! You’re welcome!

I have a group of friends that I’ve known since at least Jr. High (I think they call it middle school now…I’m old) or at least high school. This group of friends have been in my life off and on for over 20 years now (Again, I’m old…). One particular friend has been such a big part of my life that she’s been incorporated into two dreams that I’ve had. One was back in high school. The other was just about 3 nights ago. I will also alter the location(s) slightly to protect the privacy of those still living in and around these areas.

In the interest of giving you all not one but 2 very good laughs to get you through the day…I will start by telling you all the bits and pieces I remember about the dream I had in high school. Also as mentioned earlier, in the interest of protecting this very good friends privacy, I texted her and asked her to choose a fake name for herself. From now on, on this blog, this very good friend’s name will be EMMA.

First, the dream I had in high school…

I had just gotten married and was returning to our newly purchased home (more like a condo I think) and was having a general afternoon barbecue get-together with my closest friends to celebrate our new home, new marriage, new life. After all, with my crew one tame yet fun party is never enough! My wonderful new husband is outside at the grill complete with long spatula, burgers, and apron. He’s expertly grilling the perfect hamburgers while EMMA and I are making conversation with the rest of my guests and doing various odd jobs to make sure everything is out and ready. I looked away from my husband, who as I said was standing at the grill, and when I looked back literally just a minute or two later….there was a cow (a dairy cow mind you) standing where my husband had been. I immediately knew as would any logical intelligent sane person would that my husband had turned into a cow. I of course very calmly announced to my guests en masse, “My husband turned into a cow.” EMMA being the ever practical problem-solver that she is says, “Let’s cook him and eat him.” After which I replied, “This is a party after all” and that’s when I woke up with the assumption that we all took EMMA’s suggestion and did just that.

Now for Crazy Dream #3 of 2014…

Another good friend of mine (let’s call her TAYLOR) and EMMA and I had just spent some lovely girl time at one of the local malls. We were headed to the next destination on our adventure tour…a destination which was never disclosed because apparently it was a need-to-know kind of thing, and clearly my dream figured I didn’t need to know. Stupid jerk! Anyway, TAYLOR and I are in her car, and EMMA is in her own car following the two of us. We’re going down a 4-lane major highway, and other than a few ramp-type exits there’s not really any businesses or anything along this particular stretch of highway. We’re driving, chatting, listening to tunes, typical ride nothing exciting. Those who know me well enough, know this is when things are about to change. We’re driving and we start to go past a newly constructed water energy plant (something that you probably would never ever ever see in this particular area). It was built to give the essence and appearance of a natural creek with large rocks, rushing water, small waterfalls, the works. I’m admiring this new naturistic conservation effort and I commented twice, “I wonder how much energy this thing actually produces”, to which TAYLOR replied twice, “I don’t know. Probably a lot.” I love TAYLOR as she’s always a great source of answers to any question one might have….some of them are even useful!! I continue to admire the rushing creek with all of it’s mini-waterfalls and occasionally check the side-view mirror to make sure EMMA is still behind us. With TAYLOR and I we are both shocked we haven’t lost more people in the span of our friendship. It wouldn’t shock us in the least. The final time I check the side-view mirror I notice that EMMA has pulled off the highway, parked her car and is now flying through the air in the grandest style. Why she did this I have no clue. The weirdest part is, I saw it and was just like, Oh ok. That was it. No surprise. No shock. It was just like this was a common everyday thing that warranted no questioning whatsoever. I also notice there’s a very distinct stench in the air all of a sudden. Aaaahhhhh yes, I recognize that smell. We are no longer driving past the pristine water energy plant. We are now driving past the not-so-pristine treatment plant, which EMMA is now flying over. We’re busy rolling up our windows in TAYLOR’s car, ’cause seriously who wants to smell that if you have a choice. I check the side-view mirror again and see EMMA plummeting down to the Earth and instantly panic. EMMA lands in a big pool of supposedly clean, already treated water at the treatment plant. She is frantically yet adeptly swimming as fast as she could to the nearest edge so she could pull herself out of the water. Now these next couple of things all happen simultaneously. I notice the water she fell into is a brilliant shade of for lack of a better description Ty-D-Bol blue. You know those toilet bowl cleaning cakes that turn the bowl water blue….that’s what the color of this water she fell into was. I notice that and at the same time am on the phone to her husband who was in another state handling some business affairs telling him in a not so calm manner, “EMMA’S IN TROUBLE! YOU BETTER GET YOUR A$$ ON A PLANE AND GET OUT HERE NOW!!” Also at the same time, TAYLOR is talking out loud and going through the apps on her phone to try to figure out how she can get the two of us down to that treatment plant to of course come to EMMA’s rescue. That’s when I woke up. I have no idea if we ever found our way down to the plant. I have no way of knowing the implications of EMMA’s involuntary dive. I have no way of knowing why in the world she chose to fly over the treatment plant instead of over the water energy plant which would’ve clearly been a more picturesque flight.

What do I know in all this…..if EMMA is in my dream, debacles will occur and they will go unanswered, and probably have a blog written to save them for posterity.