Blue Lip Kiss Challenge


First, I have to say it’s been over a year since I’ve blogged about anything at all. Just goes to show how absolutely boring and gratefully uneventful my life has become. I’ve beat the winter blues once more. My days and nights have gotten completely reversed, so I can’t sleep at night, and instead finally doze off around 9 AM and sleep the day away accomplishing nothing at all. Now, for the important stuff and the reason for this particular blog….

If you’ve followed my blog and have read some of my earlier posts, you know I’m waiting for a double-lung transplant. If you’re new to my blog or haven’t read earlier posts, then let me give you just a brief background as to why this Challenge is so important to me.

The purpose of the challenge is to raise awareness for Pulmonary Hypertension. PH is a disease that has no cure currently. It’s a disease that’s difficult to diagnose, and is often misdiagnosed as a few different things in almost every patient. It took from January 24, 1996 until February 2, 1996 to diagnose me, and I’m extremely lucky it was that quickly discovered. There are PH patients that have gone through testing and treatments for various illness (asthma, COPD, etc) for 2 or 3 years before their PH is properly diagnosed. While there are medications available that help improve the quality of life of a PH patient, there is only one long-term fix and that’s to have a transplant, and address/eliminate the factor that caused the PH whenever possible.

As for me personally, I turned 40 on January 9, 2015. I’m on oxygen 24/7/365 no matter what I’m doing. I was diagnosed with a PDA, Patent Ductus Arteriosis (a hole in my heart) when I was born. It was never properly monitored, nor was it ever fixed. This PDA, then led to further complications. The second thing I was diagnosed with was Eisenmenger’s Syndrome (right heart failure where the right side of the heart becomes enlarged and pumps too much blood into my lungs). The third and by far most devastating diagnosis I received was that of Primary Pulmonary Hypertension or PPH (a hardening and cracking of the viens/arteries carrying blood into the lungs which causes high blood pressure in the lungs). The last of the 2 diagnoses came officially on February 2, 1996. I have been on oxygen, waiting for a double-lung transplant ever since. Yes I still have the PDA. Yes I still have Eisenmenger’s Syndrome, and PPH. Yes, I’m still waiting for my transplant all these years later. There is no cure for PH. There are meds that I’ve been put on (and every PH patient has at least 2 meds they’re on) that help lower the blood pressure in my lungs. That’s more than enough of a synopsis so that you can fully grasp why the Blue Lip Kiss Challenge is so important to me.

I follow the Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness page on Facebook. I am a member of this group and am honored to be one. They provide awareness materials and help to so many of us dealing with this horrible disease. They posted a link to their Facebook page and I thought I’d check it out. I’m very glad that I did.  A brave young lady came up with a fun, unique way to raise awareness for PH. I admire her and immediately accepted her challenge. I am now extending this challenge to all of you who follow my blog.

This young lady uploaded a YouTube video explaining what the challenge is. It’s only 2:20 long, please take a moment to watch it.

Cordelia Skuldt’s Blue Lip Challenge

As I mentioned before, there is also a Facebook page for the challenge!

The Blue Lip Kiss Challenge Facebook Page 

Please join Cordelia in this challenge! As you can see by my picture I posted here (as well as on Twitter, Facebook, and my personal fundraiser page) I have accepted Cordelia’s challenge. You can create your own blue lips any way you want to. Get creative with it. Cordelia gives some great suggestions in her video! I chose to paste my photo into a blank Windows Paint screen, then use the crayon feature to “color” my lips blue! And yes that is really me in that picture. Yes it’s real oxygen, and yes I’m able to drive while wearing it. I wasn’t driving when I took that picture. I was in a parking lot, safely parked, and the keys weren’t even in the ignition. I was getting ready to leave the parking lot and took the picture before I even started the car’s engine. Just wanted to clarify that.

For those of you who do accept this challenge and proudly post your blue lip pictures throughout the social media world, I thank you with all my heart! Live Well and Breathe Easy!  #PhAware #bluelipkiss


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